Dreams revealing unknown outcomes by a reckless President

Associations: Donald Trump during the week of 12/21 impulsively withdrew our troops from Syria and Afghanistann territories 12/212018 The Dream by John D. Grove:   Mr. President Donald J. Trump lifted himself up and climbed through a hatch to get out of a submarine vessel.  He opened the hatch and disappeared.  Meanwhile I watched this  but the hatch closed, sealed off and locked preventing me from following even if I wanted to do so.

Associations:  This has current associations to events that have happened this week of 07/22/2020.   As this above drawing shows, Mr. Trump the President abandoned the submarine.  The submarine is a navigation vehicle for travel in the unconscious.  Undetected and unseen, it is a vehicle of war especially.  I am in a submarine with Donald J. Trump.  His leaving the confines and security of this vessel which navigates the unconscious (sea) implies he is unilaterally deciding to abandon any reasonable navigation through the collective unconscious.   Water symbolizes the collective unconscious; the submarine is a vessel within the collective in which we humans use to map our use of the collective unconscious. Mr. Trump, the President, is leaving the vessel and being absorbed by the psychic contents of the SELF, SHADOW, and ANIMA with results- no one can predict.  Sometimes dreams can show the dreamer another side of conscious life in an event that is current or in relation to a person that the conscious mind is not aware of.

“The shadow is an unconscious part of the psyche characterized by traits and attitudes whether negative or positive, which our conscious ego tends to reject or ignore. Persons of the same sex as the dreamer personify it in dreams. Consciously assimilating one’s shadow usually results in an increase in energy. (Hall, James A. Jungian Dream Interpretation, Inner City Books, Toronto Canada, 1983, p. 31).  But it can also lead to negative projections for the psychologically vulnerable and unconscious individuals.  Conspiracy theories are especially prominent in Trump’s psyche.  He sees himself as a victim of ‘fake news’ and cannot assimilate that he could be a vehicle of negative shadow projections which would require self examination.

The SELF is the part of the psyche that is deeply embedded in the collective values and traditions of the world as revealed in myth, the religious books, and the universal history of civilization.  The SELF can bring wholeness when it is appreciated as a symbol of order in chaotic times.  But here we see Trump exposing himself to forces in the unconscious sea willy-nilly in which he has no way to organize or regulate.    He is abandoning international tradition, national and  global alliances and science which makes our country less safe in my opinion.  The dream reflects that he is dangerously vulnerable to psychic influences that destroy order and discipline.  He is leaving the sub without a life jacket or a raft. He will float on the sea until either someone rescues him or he drowns.

Dreams can act as compensation in content, balancing the conscious perspective so as to give the dreamer a new perspective on a person or event. If they take the form of unpleasant images in the dream of the individual challenging him /her to face changes in an old, maladaptive attitude”, then the dream can teach us a lesson. (Grove, John D. Dreams and Astrological Psychology, Hopewell Publishing, Knutsford, England. 2014, p. 84.

In the dream I choose not to follow Mr. Trump into the field of the collective unconscious symbolized by the ocean that the submarine was submerged in. Instead, I stay within the vessel navigating through the maze of the collective unconscious while Mr. Trump “jumps ship’ and enters into the field of the unknown.  The dream compensates for my conscious attitude of being distressed by Trump active dismantling of governmental institutions and changes to my feeling that he is vulnerable to instinctive, reckless acts and I should worry for him and our country.

This dream , as a fact, is not looking at Mr. President critically but instead is contrasting his journey of being adrift into an impersonal unknown world in which he loses his individuality  versus my journey which is navigating within the confines of a sub submerged so that I can control where I go, what I see and when I disembark. This is a new attitude that my unconscious is instructing my ego to be aware of. It is merely stating neutrally and objectively that we have differing paths and Mr. Trump may have to be swallowed by the psychic storms at sea, the waves and the uncertainty of nature in his leaving the ship.

Mr. Trump’s  actions have created a departure from the norm of International, national and political navigation.  In the past three years of his presidency,  he has chosen paths that reveal a scary possibility of an incompetent, yet instinctual  individual adrift in the sea of the unconscious, unaware of where he is going.  This scenario is common in elders who should  retire but, who, as they age, there is a loosening of complexes (Hillman, James  Force of Character).   Trump displays a stubbornness; and as he acts out his impulses in a kind of second childhood,  he drifts into the world of fantasy with serious  repercussions. When one is a world leader, being a powerful President; then going on this path can scare a lot of us.  I believe we are in for a stormy ride,where we will end up is anyone’s guess.   I can say at this point that I have to navigate my own ship through murky waters and hope, and pray that we all make it to port side safely on November 3, 2020.

Published by

John D Grove

I am a psychotherapist and astrological psychology practitioner. I do dream interpretation as it relates to developmental life issues. I have had published two books: one on Dreams and Astrological Psychology and one on Life Passages, how dreams and Age Point Progression work together to illuminate the Life journey. I do consultations.

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